Monday, 22 April 2013

Wonderful news..................

The owners of the tabby cat have been found - no further update but good enough for a short post!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

................the following day

Just a quick update - I received a text today to say that 'Claude', as they've named him at the vets, is doing well, he's eating and doing everything else he should which is wonderful news.  He's a happy boy, purring and loving all the attention.

So - one tabby cat, aged approx 4-5yrs searching for his owner - any takers?

Found on the Main Rd just outside Rettendon going towards Chelmsford on Friday 19th April, at approx.12.30.

One very lucky cat..............

Friday was one of those days that I could cheerfully have stayed in bed;  it hasn't been a great week and to be honest I was just happy that it was finally coming to an end.

I had taken Harvey back home after his morning walk with Jada.  As always the inseparable pair had enjoyed their time together, in fact I had taken them for getting on for two hours because I had planned on a quiet Friday afternoon.  Of course, the best laid plans etc.,

For some reason I decided to take the main road route home, not something I often do these days but lunch was calling and there was a Cornish Pasty with my name on it.....and although dribbling at the thought isn't a particularly pretty picture, it fitted the bill nicely!

I was about halfway down the road when I saw the cat sitting on the grass verge, it was one of those things that you catch out of the corner of your eye and query whether or not you've truly seen it.  My one and only thought at the time was that it was a peculiar place for it to be and even though it had been a quick glance it appeared to be hunched rather than crouching as it would if it were mousing.

Concerned rather than actually worried I reached a spot to turn round and went back, driving more slowly past it this time to get a better look.  It hadn't moved and I parked a short distance off so as not to alarm it more than necessary.  By the time I reached it I fully expected it to move but it still hadn't which confirmed my growing suspicion that it had been hit by a car.  With the traffic still thundering past I knew I would only get one chance to catch it and heart in mouth bent down and grabbed it firmly by the scruff, lifting it gently so as not to hurt it further.

Back at the van I loaded him into the back and covered him with a blanket; it was pretty obvious his jaw was broken, his face was bloody and he was clearly in shock, the right side of him was clearly injured and I'm guessing he had taken a hard knock whilst trying to get across the road.  Maybe someone had stopped and couldn't find him, maybe they hadn't - it's something we'll never know.

Given the proximity of a couple of houses I quickly knocked to see if they or someone they knew owned the cat but neither did - in fact both said that they had seen him there earlier in the day.
Words always fail me at times like that - both appeared concerned but had nothing about it???????  Even if people can't actually deal with it themselves, there are enough welfare organisations that would, surely a phone call?

Anyway the cat was my priority then and I drove carefully to my own vet, knowing that he would get attention there and then and would have a good chance of finding a new home if and when he recovered, if no one claimed him.

The vet saw him immediately and my fears of a broken pelvis to go with the jaw were swiftly put to rest; he was one lucky cat.  Other than his jaw, his right paw and side were obviously hurting him but he had no other obvious injuries.  Of course as with anything like this sometimes other things become apparent as time goes on, but for now he was safe.  Pain meds were quickly administered and he was taken to a cage to be put on a drip.  Unfortunately he wasn't microchipped although he had been neutered and was in very good condition, my thought is someone must own him.

I received a text later that eve to say he was doing well and had even managed to slurp a little food!

Aren't animals just amazing - can you imagine us doing that?????