Friday, 17 January 2014


I couldn't resist sharing a couple of photos of Dexter with you..........he's so beautiful, just like a massive powder-puff and although one of the photos is in the snow, I don't think it matters - you can see how sturdy he is and what makes his breed such a good sledge dog!

I've been walking Dexter occasionally for a couple of years now and he has the nicest nature of any dog I know - he's curious, determined and naturally gorgeous - what more do I need to say!

Sparkling Water.................

Queen of the Castle

So much has happened since the summer and work has been very busy, even now the expected lull hasn't occurred (for which my bank account is thankful) but it does mean that many of the snippets I would normally have shared, just haven't happened.

In the middle of October a very small hurricane entered our lives at home, she's called Ngaire (Maori for 'sparkling water' or silver) and she certainly lives up to her name.  She is a beautiful tabby and white kitten, with a huge personality.  She endured a long car journey from Alysbury with Paul and was greeted with less than enthusiasm by our two boys, Jax and Jet.  Was she fazed?????? Not in the slightest, in fact her back went up and she hissed right back, two tiny eyes blazing with fury.  Just who did they think they were!!

Butter wouldn't melt...
This of course pretty much set the following days & weeks and we had our work cut out keeping them apart when they weren't supervised.  The two older cats were completely disgusted that their quiet, unassuming life had been turned upside down and made it known at every given opportunity.  Strangely I had always assumed Jet would be the one who took longer to come around to her presence but in fact it's been Jax.

But, here we are, three months on and things are improving.  Jet plays with her now and they can be found rushing around the house at a rate of knots, usually with him in hot pursuit but oft times now I find the position reversed and he seems happy to let her chase, if not completely catch him.
Paul bought a massive adventure post for them and it now has pride of place in the kitchen, all 7' of it and they have all claimed various spots on it as their own.

It's a while since a kitten has been in the house, and it's turned our lives upside down again, but in a good way.

Ok, I got up here, now how do I get down???
Ahh, now I know...

As a last to this post, a small plea to anyone considering taking on another animal to share their lives with - make sure you do your research, be very sure you are prepared to spend the rest of your lives together and don't home one on the spur of the moment.

Is it worth it????   Absolutely, but don't expect miracles overnight, no animal is perfect and reality often doesn't conform to the romantic view some people have.
They need time, patience and an awful lot of love - if you don't have those, then please don't home one.