Saturday, 11 May 2013

Home for the summer.............

Yesterday was very windy, with white powder puff clouds scudding across an increasingly gloomy sky and Harvey and I set out determined that we would complete our walk before the heavens opened & drenched us for the umpteenth time this year.

We were walking briskly round one of our usual routes when a patch of cornflower blue sky appeared above us, ever so slowing edging out the grey and moments later the sun made a welcome appearance, shining brightly down, bringing with it a warmth that surprised me if not him, as he had sidled off very carefully into the shade of a tree and was laying there panting, his tennis ball clamped firmly in his jaws.

Not being too proud to take my cue from him, I joined him and and stood watching as the grey was encompassed almost entirely with blue and with it the sight of four small black dots wheeling this way and that above us.

The Swallows are back....................& hopefully with them, summer is on it's way!

As we continued our walk, the small number were joined by others, darting this way and that feasting on what I can only say has been a swarm of mosquitoes that have haunted Hanningfield in the past couple of weeks.  They have been everywhere, in the grass, trees and more strangely on the outside walls of buildings in their hundreds.

What a meal to come home to!

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