Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Isn't the rain wonderful...........

I had to laugh this morning.  It's been the first rainy day for a while (& I never thought I'd say that after the winter we've had) and my attention was drawn to two wood pigeons on top of the shed.
They were large and very handsome, obviously well fed and although I know some people don't like them, I've always enjoyed their antics and gentle cooing.  It makes me realise summer is truly on it's way!

The rain shower was light and both birds were perched on the apex of the shed, turning this way and that, stretching out one wing and then the other, obviously enjoying their first shower for a while.  They're either  mated or the intention is there as they were quite intent on watching each other, so much so that one almost fell as he did an extravagant pirouette in an effort to impress his intended!  She on the other hand looked almost bored and turned her back on him as if to say 'Is that the best you can do'?
We women are so hard to please sometimes.........

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