Thursday, 26 January 2012

Stella Artois

Meet Stella Artois (& no prizes for guessing where her name originates).........she may look as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but first impressions can be misleading.

Stella, I think, was in a previous life, a steeplejack.  She has a particular inclination for scaling heights - and no, not your average tree.  I live not a stones throw from her abode and have on many occasions, watched her jump onto the fence, across the gap and onto the sloping roof of the house. From there she climbs a steep path to the middle and on and upwards to the apex of the house, where she sits and contemplates life - or in yesterday's instance, a heron sitting on the opposite roof.  I could hear her chattering her annoyance from here as they regarded each other, he safe in the knowledge that she hadn't got a cat in hell's chance of catching him. (pun intended).

Of course, in the end, the stalemate had to end and he flew off, circling her once to prove his point before he was gone, leaving her to wash a dainty paw as if to say 'I wasn't interested anyway'! She sat there for another few minutes before turning and sedately walking down the same way she had arrived.

Another tale to tell her companion................but there again Owen, who she's kidding!

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