Saturday, 21 January 2012

Genius of an idea!

I don't for one minute imagine that I'm alone in thinking that what seemed like an excellent idea at 2am on a humid night in what was turning out to be a suspiciously good summer for the UK - and by that I mean not raining or blowing a gale - should in all probability have been ignored.

What I should have done was turn over, plump the pillow and allow myself to fall effortlessly back to sleep.  Of course in reality what I actually did was sit up, stagger with a graceless lack of co-ordination into the room I laughingly call an office,  to find a pen and paper, to write down what was after all a genius of an idea!

At 10am, sitting at the breakfast bar with my second cup of coffee, the idea was of course still brilliant but perhaps need tweeking at the edges.  By 2pm it was a good idea and I was faithfully following the train of pencil marks that were beginning to make less and less sense unless I read them in alphabetical order........blah blah.......which of course brings me to where I am now.

6pm, back at the breakfast bar but substitute coffee for a large glass of red - and yes, you've guessed it - with the genius of an idea!

Woodham Pet Care Services  -  At least I had a name - now all I needed were the clients, four and two legged.

Well that as they say, was the beginning...............................

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